server moving company

Why Turn to a Server Moving Company?

Moving an office full of IT equipment can be a daunting task for any business. Due to the complexities of the wiring and the importance of maintaining the integrity of equipment of data, this is a job delegated to trained professionals. Equipment and/or data loss can result in loss of customers, business income and, at times, severe liabilities for many industries. If your business can’t afford downtime, data or server loss, your equipment should be handled by staff trained to properly decommission, transport, plan and organize for the least amount of disruption possible.

Decommissioning projects are handled by experienced project managers who go to the site to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the equipment on hand. These professionals will conduct audits of all inventory, de-cabling, de-wiring, hard drive disassembly, packing and transportation, clean up, recycling of e-waste, and certify any work performed.

A straightforward transfer of data from one server to another is a relatively smooth process, but there are times when additional steps are required. Outdated equipment or servers that are filled require alternate solutions. At that point, your project manager will make recommendations to fit your operating needs and to ensure the integrity and security of your data in the process.

In the event your equipment is older and, perhaps, running inefficiently, the move can be more difficult. Servers, racks network equipment, cables, SANs and telecommunication items must be disassembled, labeled, organized and reassembled at the new location. Large databases may require redistribution to new drives when the partition is running out of space. Some data and log files may be allocated to different partitions. Following the reformatting of data, verification is required to confirm everything is intact and nothing has become corrupted.

Advance Technology Service will work with your staff to ensure the seamless transfer of data and efficient relocation of all equipment.