trading floor relocations

Trading Floor Relocation

Downtime for any company’s trading floor results in money lost. A successful trading floor relocation is completely dependent on the organization and thorough management of all servers, routers, switches and networks by the organization responsible for moving this equipment. Doing so quickly and efficiently is essential to ensuring timely execution of all transactions. Many banks and trading floors approach a move with hesitation, fearing the loss of data and downtime. When you trust the experts at Advance Technology Service, you can effectively mitigate this risk.

Advance Technology Service has been working alongside financial institutions for decades to guarantee smooth transitions from one location to another. Our trained specialists are adept at executing the relocation of multiple monitor set-ups, monitor configurations, dealer board phone systems and ticker tape machines.

When downtime is simply not an option, turn to Advance Technology Service for New York’s most trusted assistance with trading floor relocation. Eliminate the risk of lost time and dollars with a tried and true team of data management experts.