ewaste recycling

The Importance Of Properly Recycling E-Waste

There comes a time where every piece of technology becomes obsolete. And with today’s rapid technological advancements, the lifetime of electronic devices can seem fairly short. So, when it comes time to replace old computer towers, monitors or printers cluttering your office, what should you do?

Disposing of outdated technology isn’t as simple as throwing your old laptop in the trash bin. All devices contain chemicals that, when disposed of improperly, increase the risk of environmental harm. These chemicals, such as mercury and lead, have the potential to contaminate surrounding land, water and air when disposed of in a landfill. The EPA has put in place specific guidelines as to how to properly handle devices that contain cathode ray tubes, most commonly found in computer monitors or televisions, as well as other electronic waste removal tips, rules and regulations.

Advance Technology Service offers services for e-waste removal with little environmental impact, ensuring all equipment is safely and securely recycled. Our professional Technology Project Managers will pick up all assets and transport them to our certified destruction facilities. Equipment may also qualify for The Advance Group’s buy-back service, so you can gain ROI on technology that’s no longer in use.

Removing sensitive data from your devices is also something to consider when cleaning house of old technology. Our e-waste removal services also offer certified data destruction, as protecting any private information stored on non-working or outdated devices is our first priority.

Contact Advance Technology Service to set up an e-waste removal consultation. Our expert team is always happy to assist your business with any concerns or questions regarding e-waste services.