telecom carrier

There are a broad range of telecom carrier services for a business to choose from upon relocation. Understanding which will best serve the needs of your business and the capabilities of existing equipment is a little more complicated. Advance Technology Service assists our customers in determining the best telecom packages and works with partners to ensure proper installations.

In general, your telecommunications carrier will provide telecom services for phone equipment, television receivers, mobile devices, personal computers, CATV, satellite receivers, and some medical equipment. Their services may include fixed, mobile, voice or data depending on the needs of the business. If high speed is a priority, as is the case with finance related businesses, that need must be taken into consideration when choosing a provider.

Available Services

The largest telecom providers are Verizon, AT & T and Sprint. Telecom providers often work with local companies who perform the installation of equipment on the premises. Their job is to provide the infrastructure composed of hardware, cabling, and onsite hook-up. Service is provided via fiber optic cables over exceptionally long distances capable of transferring massive quantities of data.
The introduction of 5G cellular service will shortly offer businesses faster upload and download times than any of the carriers currently offer. Due to the short transmission distances, a business must be within close proximity to a 5G tower to qualify for service. The availability of 5G will increase as more towers are installed. T-Mobile touts itself as the first nationwide provider of 5G service. They do continue to offer LTE service as the other carriers do; however, since their recent merger with Sprint increased their network size has facilitated their rapid expansion of 5G.

On the premises, service can be provided by direct plug-in to the receiving device or via wireless connection. Wireless connection can also be delivered by satellite. The type of service provided will depend on the availability of service in the local region. Businesses located in cities will have access to a greater variety of options than a warehouse located in a remote rural region.

When you work with Advance Technology Service, our project managers will assess your voice and data needs and determine the most suitable services and features to meet the needs of your equipment while delivering the best prices available from providers in that location. We will do the cost comparison for you by requesting information from the telecom carriers.

Once a service is selected, we will handle the movement of all existing telecom services and the implementation of services at the new location.