military grade cyber security

Taking Security to Military Grade

If you’re using consumer-grade cyber defense software, you’re at a disadvantage against today’s cyber attackers who are working with government level cyber weapons. If an attack comes from a state sponsored threat, that means they are operating with the most sophisticated arsenal of digital warfare available.

Most businesses have little to no defenses against these types of malwares, but why is that? Shouldn’t we be protecting our life’s work with the same type of protection the military use?

According to Federal News Network, B2B vendors are beginning to sell military-grade cyber weapons offering products resulting from working closely with the military to test the efficacy against real-world threats.

The reality is that if hackers are going to attack with sophisticated warfare, you need to be prepared with weapons that are equally effective in defense.

And if you think about it, any program that gets the stamp of approval from the military will have undergone vigorous testing.

What’s more, in recent years, government contractors have had to compete to participate in a program by demonstrating their product’s value to a panel of expert cybersecurity professionals. Once approved, these vendors must continue to demonstrate value to remain in the program. Subjecting these vendors to extensive scrutiny compels them to deliver high quality products. As consumers, we don’t have the same degree of influence over cyber security software vendors and benefit from the military’s expectations.

Satisfying the need to meet military expectations entails upgrading features requested by the military to make the products more user-friendly. As a commercial user, you benefit from the user-friendly features; at one time, military level software was too complicated for the average person to use.

Cyber Range is a product used by many government departments, i.e., U.S. Cyber Command, Homeland Security, Energy, etc. for training purposes to improve detection and deploy counter-hacking strategies. In the testing process, the government determines whether programs are suitable for the private sectors.

Deciding whether military-grade cyber protection isn’t a choice between driving a BMW or a Hyundai Sonata. It only takes one attack by a sophisticated hacker to wipe out your data or steal your money. Defending yourself with vulnerable cyber protection is like having no defense at all if you are up against a sophisticated foe. If you protect your business with military-grade weapons, at least you know you have a chance to fight back and emerge victorious.