audio video installationCommercial audio video installation services are normally performed when a new business moves in. As real-time video conferencing increases in popularity, demand for easy accessibility has increased. Conference rooms are now commonly equipped with both video and audio equipment to facilitate group presentations. Whether your current equipment requires video and audio hookup or you are planning to acquire the equipment for installation at your new office location, our partners work with our team to assist in these planning stages.

Commercial Audio System

Audio video installation companies are increasingly called to commercial properties for conference room, boardroom, lobby, and auditorium hookups. They specialize in digital, analog and control signal setups throughout the office space and will scale the project according to the size and needs of the premises. A commercial sound system installation entails working with special acoustic equipment that can minimize outside noise and provide optimized audio for any given room. Whether you require conference audio video installation in a single conference room or throughout your facility, a variety of equipment types are available to suit the location.

For broader distribution of audio, such as music playing throughout a given area, a central processor and audio matrix switcher may be used to control the music choices by remote or a mobile device. Speakers can be installed on the walls, ceiling or cleverly designed to fit in with existing wall units to minimize their visibility.

By understanding your needs, we can assess the floor plan to accommodate the audio, video, and automation you will need in any office space. In doing so, we will determine the following:

  • Cabling requirements
  • Where to install outlets to connect any cable for video and audio presentations.
  • Setup wireless devices for remote access
  • Set up automated controls of all systems
  • Train your staff to operate all equipment

Commercial Video System

A business may have video enabled in multiple locations throughout the office space that tap into a single source. That source could be a satellite receiver, server, or a mobile device. Using a matrix switcher allows you to reduce the number of sources needed to supply video to each television or computer screen and it can be conveniently kept where other server equipment lives on the premises. If you think about a gym where many televisions are mounted on the wall, this is the technique that is employed to operate them all from a single source. The type of equipment you wish to install will dictate the wiring needs of each space.

Audio and video equipment that can be heard and seen clearly requires designing around the size and acoustics of the space. When planning for each area, outside noise, the height of the room, furniture, etc. all must be considered so the equipment is placed to maximize audibility and visibility without strain. New York businesses are awfully familiar with honking horns, frequent car alarms, trains and planes that often interrupt conversations. When engaged in an important meeting, whether on premises or remotely with a customer or business partner, clarity is essential and can make or break deals and impressions.

Audio, video, and automated services all require low voltage cabling, an expertise that lives outside the training of general electrician. Advance Technology Service offers low voltage cabling expertise to ensure your equipment is professionally installed for your specific needs.