Why You Need a Server Moving Company

server moving companyYour business server is a core piece of equipment that houses valuable and sensitive information for your company and clients. Safeguarding the information and the hardware during a physical move requires more skill than the average mover can provide.

Your server is part of a network connected with a myriad of cables and wires.  To ensure your business can make a smooth transition from one location from another, we label all connections to make reassembly easier prior to disassembling any equipment.

Data Migration

It is important to back your data up prior to the server move to prepare for the worst-case scenario. If your server is outdated or in need of repair, this is the time to consider reconfiguration, upgrading equipment where necessary. If you anticipate growing your business soon – and perhaps this is the reason for your move – you will want to make sure your equipment at the new location can handle the additional data requirements.

We then remove servers from their cabinets or racks and carefully pack them to prevent any shifting in packing boxes. Each server is labeled to be joined up with its respective rack and other equipment at the new location.

A server is not like a piece of furniture, easily touched up with a furniture repair kit should it be damaged. Damage can lead to loss of valuable information and that is precisely why our staff is trained to ensure equipment is moved safely and delivered intact. Just as important as the transportation is the reassembly which requires patience, organization, and technical knowledge. Once your equipment is in place at its new home, we will test it and make sure everything is working as it should. Ensuring all equipment arrives intact and working order requires planning to protect the integrity of data, equipment, and loss of productivity.

Many companies opt for new equipment to avoid the extended downtime involved in moving old equipment. This choice is not affordable for everyone but does offer the smoothest transition. The key question is how long your company can afford to be out of operation. Some companies cannot have certain equipment off because it means they are not doing business.

The team at Advance Technology Service is bonded and insured for large server equipment moves. We bring the experience and skill to every job to ensure your business can operate smoothly during the move process.