Security Systems

When Businesses are On the Move, Assets are In Motion
The Advance Group Securing Your Every Move

When relocating an office, a tremendous amount of planning and forethought is involved before during, and after a move takes place. Vacant spaces and unforeseen vulnerabilities can leave a company susceptible to unwanted visitors and break-ins if a property is not properly secured. The Advance Group, a national leader in corporate moving and storage services, recommends installing security and safety features as part of your comprehensive relocation strategy.

“When companies are in the relocation stage, moving in and moving out, they are at their most vulnerable, as offices are undermanned or vacant, leaving them susceptible to unwanted visitors,” says Jeff Silverstein of Advance Technology Services.

Advance Technology is the IT division of The Advance Group, and the division responsible for security, data recovery, data relocation, cabling, and other information and technology services offered by The Advance Group.

“Utilizing Advance Technology to secure and protect your business assets is vital to ensuring a safe and smooth transition during relocation,” Mr. Silverstein continued.

The Advance Group is an end-to-end commercial moving solution, with services that extend well beyond logistics, delivery, and installation. Security is an essential part a successful move and Advance Commercial Moving offers several state-of-the-art options to safeguard its client locations including:

Security Cameras and Digital Alarm Systems  

Connected on-line systems, including motion-sensor cameras and alarms for perimeter security, are typically the first line of defense when securing an office or building space. With remote access to visual feeds through internet, viewing is available on smartphone, computer or other connected device.

Camera and alarm systems are some of the most cost-effective and reliable technologies available to commercial properties for security purposes. They act as deterrents, can provide proof of suspicious activity, and evidence of trespassing or theft if necessary. Additionally, cameras can allow owners to access their office from a remote location for observational purposes.

Card Entryway Security

Keep unauthorized guests from accessing your business office with entry access options.

The individual key card is a simple choice for access security. It can be attached to a lanyard or keyring for ease of use. Active cards are scanned by a mounted reader at select building entry points and if lost, or if necessary, cards are rendered inactive from the system. Only active cards can gain entry to your building.

Cards are easily replaceable and much more cost effective than key replacement. So, whether lost, stolen, or the employee is no longer a member of your team, “changing the locks” is not a problem.

Biometric Security

For a more sophisticated entry access solution, The Advance Group’s offers biometric identification security systems. Fingerprint access keypad entry locks provide one of the most secure single access entry system solutions.

Controlled through a central database, only authorized individuals have permission to access the building. Access can be granted or denied through Advance Technology at a moment’s notice.

Planning and Installing a Security System

The services offered by the Advance Group’s Advance Technology division is not limited to moving customers. Commercial businesses can still take advantage of these services even if you are planning on staying right where you are.

As with all of The Advance Group’s services, solutions are as individual as every business, and security needs will vary. Security services begin with an evaluation of your office space including layout, visibility, square footage, and budget for the development of a completely customized plan.

Safeguarding your Every Move

When moving your business, your assets are in motion. With over 40 years of experience, The Advance Group has created a seamless, cost-effective, end-to-end solution that ensures your business assets are safeguarded while relocating.

With connections in over 200 cities nationwide, and internationally in over 10 countries, servicing the relocation of clients in industries including Hospital and Healthcare, Government, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, The Advance Group is the single point of contact for a streamlined, successful, future.

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