office relocation

An office relocation involves much more than packing boxes and loading a truck. Today, employees are all connected via networks and internet access is essential to conducting daily work tasks. Without that network in place and running efficiently for square footage and floor plan, a move can be incredibly stressful for staff attempting to function normally and get caught up with work after being displaced for a long period of time.

Your staff have enough to be concerned about with the business move. They must inform clients, update business services, pack their files and other office stuff, and continue to function without access to everything they normally use throughout the day.

Reducing the down time as much as possible is key to a successful office relocation. The best way to achieve a smooth transition is through careful planning with a mover trained to handle your IT equipment.

So, where do you need to start to make sure the upheaval does not send your business into a tizzy? Here are some ideas to get you off on the right track.

Moving Strategy

How you handle your networking equipment will depend on a few things:

  1. Is the new space a larger space?
  2. Do you need to plan for growth, i.e. install additional outlets, upgrade server, etc.
  3. Is equipment old or outdated? Does data need to be transferred?
  4. Should you have VoIP service at your new location?
  5. Will you be installing security?

These are some basic considerations. If you are not sure what your needs will be, the IT project manager from the moving company should review this with you so he can begin mapping out your current equipment with the new floor plan. Office technology relocation requires planning based around existing equipment, its condition, your needs and the new office space.

Office Furniture

Begin by taking an itinerary of your furniture. The cost of moving is directly related to the amount of space needed to accommodate it. Your mover will do a walkthrough and provide a quote based on an estimate of square footage required to fit the furniture in the moving trucks.

Your cabling and wire will likely be installed prior to the placement of furniture. But, the layout of that wiring will depend on the placement of staff. If two people occupy a space, they will both need internet and phone access.

Mapping out staff placement, furniture placement and your IT equipment must all co-mingle to create an efficient workspace with ample access and speed to accommodate everyone working at the same time.


Although your staff will take responsibility for some parts of the packing, your IT project manager at Advance Technology Service will plan, organize, and execute the decommissioning of servers, wiring, cabling, and all IT equipment. All items will be organized, carefully packed, and labeled to be properly mapped out for installation at the new location.

Equipment and security will be installed first as they require the opening of ceilings and walls, cutting and drilling. Phone systems will follow and then furniture can be brought in.

Office Technology Relocation NYC, Queens and Long Island

No matter your location in the tri-state area, the experts at Advance Technology Service have handled the challenges. We are experts in office technology relocation throughout New York City, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island and well-equipped to move and set up your equipment anywhere in the world.

Office relocations can be stressful but with the help of professionals who specialize in IT equipment moves, your business can be up and running quickly with as little disruption as possible.