To keep your network up to date and ensure business continuity, Advance Technology Services recommends you implement network monitoring software. This type of software is designed to check your network for problems that cause data transfer delays or component failures. By staying on top of issues as they occur, you can avoid outages and downtime which cost your business time and money. You will receive real-time notifications so you can mitigate problems before they become bigger ones.

There are several different types of network monitoring:

  1. Availability: Availability monitoring tests the uptime of servers, apps, and other infrastructure to alert of possible problems.
  2. Configuration: Check up on files and storage on various networks and locations.
  3. Performance: Detect the service quality to determine how to optimize it.
  4. Cloud Infrastructure: If monitoring data operating in a cloud-based infrastructure, all components such as websites, applications, etc. can be monitored.

If you are relocating your business, this is the time to set your network up for successful operation to support the data, configuration, access, architecture, and security needs of your business. Advance Technology Services can recommend the best network monitoring software and services to suit your business and your budget.

What protocols are used for network monitoring?

The most popular protocols are SNMP, simple network management protocol, and WMI, Windows management implementation. Both methods can provide ample monitoring of network and device health.

How will Advance Technology Services set up network monitoring?

By identifying the most important devices and policies for your network, we will configure the protocol to fit your network and set up a baseline for network performance. We will also set up custom alerts to let you know when any part of the system is falling below set threshold levels.

What type of data will your network monitoring software collect?

Some of the information that will be monitored will include:

  1. Telemetry information
  2. Virtual software agent data
  3. Synthetic testing
  4. Application Recognition
  5. APIs and packet capture

In addition to data collection by network monitoring tools, further security can be provided with firewall protection, updating passwords on a regular basis, creating a VPN, proper employee training, filtering, and removing spam emails, and advanced endpoint detection.

Every business has unique needs to serve their network configurations and data concerns. Let Advance Technology Service provide the expertise and network monitoring software configuration to protect your valuable data.