low voltage wiring

When wiring and cabling are installed at a new location, some of the equipment will require low voltage wiring services. Both general wiring and low voltage wiring can be installed simultaneously; however, the low voltage wiring does not have the same strict standards applied during inspection as does the wiring required for power outlets, fixture, and server equipment, as the dangers of electrocution are diminished.

In a business setting, low voltage wiring service is commonly used in the setup of a telephone system, security, heating and cooling thermostats, computer, video, and audio outlets.

Low voltage is considered any voltage amount less than 50 volts. 12, 24, and 48 volts are quite common. The diameter of the wiring is smaller and therefore delivers a slower flow of electricity to the outlet it connects to. In some situations, low voltage is delivered via battery (as is the case in cars) and in others, a transformer is used to control the current flow.

A Business’s Need for Low Voltage Cabling

Any phone connected to an outlet will require low voltage cabling. Cordless phones do not require them. The office will also need outlets for computer terminals, televisions, audio equipment and security equipment. And most office devices have wi-fi capability in some capacity that requires low voltage wiring.

In most situations, there will be at least one outlet in every office. In open areas, where cubicles are often installed, the floor plan and square footage will dictate how many outlet installations are required. This planning will take place in advance with your project manager.

Security Needs

Security equipment installation requires low voltage wiring availability at every exit, which includes doors and windows. That wiring may run all throughout the office and link to motion sensors, alarms, video and audio equipment. Once the wiring is installed on the premises, any alarm service provider can access it to set up their equipment and services. Intercoms at the business entry may be stand alone equipment or be integrated into the security system, as well.

Your business’s low voltage wiring needs may change from one location to another depending on the layout of the new office location, whether or not any of your existing equipment needs change and if your office size is expanding to facilitate business growth.

Advance Technology Service is trained to install both general and low voltage service wires and cables and complete the job professionally to ensure work passes all safety inspections. The installation of low voltage wiring services requires the knowledge of a certified expert trained to set up a network throughout the office or building to accommodate all outlets and equipment that demand it. A professionally installed network should be able to handle upgrades down the line should business growth or new equipment present additional needs.