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The Keys to Successful Datacenter Relocation

Moving can be one of the most anxiety- and stress-filled practices human beings can experience. When that relocation involves moving a corporate office, the stakes can be even higher. While it may not involve personal items, the pieces are often complex, expensive and may come with significant security risk. Relocating a company’s datacenter, for example, is fraught with pitfalls that can be stressful for office managers to handle. Consolidating servers may present serious problems if not handled with careful, professional planning.

Datacenters are often the crux of a company’s operations. Finding a cost-effective solution that takes into account the interdependencies of all of a company’s various programs, understands the level of bandwidth needed not only at the time of the relocation, but into the following decade, and can build an IT infrastructure that can handle the unique complexity of your individual set up can be time consuming and stressful.

Yet datacenter relocation can be successfully executed with a detailed plan of action. Follow the guidelines below to make your move less stressful and to ensure a smooth transition.

1 –Communication between departments can be an often-overlooked part of the panning process as each department may operate within its own silo. However, in-depth discussions about overlapping (or contrasting) needs are vital. Assign a point person for each department to take the lead in the moving project and hold consistent meetings with each department head during the lead up to the move.

2 – Keep operation systems consistent during the transition. The temptation to upgrade software and install new programming while IT focuses their time and energy on them will be rampant. However, underestimating the scope of a move by undertaking significant software changes can be a recipe for disaster at a critical time.

3 – Take into account necessary power supply requirements. Communicate clearly with departments that handle power supply contracting to ensure that power needs can be met and that costs fall within your budget.

4 – Find reputable professionals to assist you through the most arduous and critical parts of the move. Datacenter relocation is the foundation of your company’s move. Making well thought-out decisions and anticipating what your needs will be and how to address those needs through each step will ensure
success in this next step of your company’s future.