IT Relocation


The most sophisticated part of any office move is the IT relocation portion involving servers, hardware, wiring, network organization and more. The biggest concern with transferring data equipment is downtime and, as such, must be a primary consideration when choosing a company to handle it. A DIY move can be crippling and result in data loss.

The key to minimizing downtime is planning and organization of all the parts and equipment as everything is moved from one location to another. To ensure all equipment is accounted for, your dedicated IT specialist will take inventory of the existing equipment and services at the original location.

Before going through all the work of mapping parts, wires, and hardware in the new location, this is the ideal time to assess whether the old equipment is sufficient, whether some upgrades are needed, or additional equipment for expansion should be added. If the company plans to grow and accommodate more employees in the future, it will want to ensure its equipment can accommodate such changes and will not require an overhaul when that time comes.

Types of IT Relocations

Some systems entail more work due to the sheer size and complexity of their installations. Moving a desktop computer or packing up a few office phones poses little challenge for the average business owner. When a data center requires relocation, its disruption or damage could impact hundreds of people, large quantities of data, and, quite possibly, sensitive, financial information.

Advanced Technology Services specializes in the deinstallation, packing, organizing, reinstallation, and upgrade of data servers, trading floor equipment, communication equipment, computer networks, and access security systems.

The IT Relocation Process

  1. Once you are ready to make the move, a project manager assigned to your business will evaluate the equipment at your premises and take an inventory of everything on site.
  2. The new location will be evaluated for layout, outlets, power supply, network requirements, accessibility, etc.
  3. A schedule will be set for precise timing to ensure your business move is as smooth as possible.
  4. You will discuss your needs at the new location with your project manager, including any plans for growth, budget and how data should be handled.
  5. All data will be backed up and if any equipment is outdated or must be upgraded, this will be handled before reinstallation at the new office.
  6. A team will disassemble, safely pack, and carefully label all equipment at your New York, Long Island or New Jersey location for easy reassembly at the new location according to a floor plan designed to address all equipment and networking needs.
  7. At the new location, all wiring and cabling and power installations will be performed in advance in preparation for equipment arrival.
  8. Professional movers will carefully transport all IT equipment to the new location.
  9. Equipment will be positioned, installed, and tested. System diagnostics will be performed and errors addressed.

For professional IT relocation anywhere in the tri-state area, Advance Technology Services provides the experience, skill, and knowledge to deliver a seamless transition for optimal performance. Give us a call today for a quote of your office technology relocation in New York.