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How Covid Has Changed Tech Jobs

Finding and keeping good help these days is not easy to do, especially in the tech industry where demand is on the rise, but high paying jobs still lag. If your employees need to report to the office each day, your pool of candidates is slim. It is not difficult for talented programmers to find work at the price point they seek, so you must pay a bit more or sweeten the pot of benefits to lure qualified people.

However, the benefit of working in technology is that the work can be performed remotely. If your business can adapt to working with someone by phone or Zoom call, there are many more qualified candidates available to work from their own homes.

During the pandemic, most tech employees retained their positions. Technical positions are on the rise despite widespread business disruptions. As more people adapted to remote working, the demand for cloud services increased, a sector where many technical positions grew to meet demand. Any business that was lagging technologically was forced to update their business technology to retain available business online and through new marketing channels as they adapted to regulations and closures. Even service industries updated their software to secure appointments online.

And as many businesses make the transition to upgraded software and systems, finding skilled employees to use them is yet another challenge. Even staff with little to no technical skills is faced with learning the basics to work with new programs.

The benefit for tech employees with a few years’ experience is that they are now seeing salary offers that more experienced professionals were earning in years prior. The caveat is that the disruption to education and the number of graduating students in the technology sector dipped while schools faced closures and scheduling changes. Given the current talent shortages, businesses will have to keep their skilled staff happy to retain them. Developers can change jobs frequently to increase their salary base and headhunters are seeking them out even when they are not advertising their availability.

The flexibility of working from home is beneficial for employees who save time and money traveling and experience fewer distractions. Many businesses are likely to continue offering the option to work remotely to hold on to employees and save on office overhead of operating a full work force in person five days a week.

Although you are likely to spend more on technical employees moving forward, at least in the short term, the changes in everyday work habits do offer areas for saving money on business operation. Work culture has been transformed and the beneficial changes will stay with us moving forward as we learn to evolve to persevere through life’s challenges.