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Data Center Movers

The most challenging part of any office relocation is the transferal of data center equipment. Handling large volumes of hardware and wires is a task best left to professional data center movers. At Advance Technology Services, our specialty is the relocation and installation of all types of data center hardware.

Our goal is to provide an easy, cost-effective solution and your guaranteed satisfaction. Our engineers arrive onsite to plan the disassembly, organization and setup at your new location. Whether upgrading your office facility or improving accessibility to your customer base, we keep the moving process as simple as possible so your staff can be up and running in the shortest time period possible. A smooth data center move is one that allows your business to operate as quickly as feasible with all systems back at 100% functionality.


The Data Center Moving Process

Before the Move

  • Meet with one of our representatives to review needs, timing and goals.
  • Representative assesses equipment and needs to provide a quote.
  • Set up a date to begin the moving process.

Data Center Move

  • Engineers begin disassembly and organization of data equipment.
  • Technical team works to ensure all elements are properly catalogued and packed.
  • Transportation of equipment to new office site.

See our data center move checklist for more information.

Setup and Installation

  • Equipment organized according to plan.
  • Equipment reinstalled and powered up.
  • Any errors in properly functioning equipment solved.

Relocating your business without a snag involves many steps and stages of execution. You can rely on the professionalism and experience of Advance Technology Service staff to ensure a seamless transition and a cost your business can afford.