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The Advance Group has Your Critical Moves Covered
– Advance Technology Division is the Expert in Data Relocation Services –

Crucial to most commercial moves is the relocation of a business data center. Data centers physically include apparatus such as servers and other IT hardware; and are typically the core storage for most businesses’ knowledge and communication assets. As such, a solid moving and relocation plan is essential. Without proper planning, extended downtime and outages are possible, and can be costly and even devastating to a business.

The Advance Group is one of the nation’s most comprehensive commercial moving solutions. We have a deep understanding of the requirements a business will need to accomplish relocation with complete success.  As such, Advance Technology is The Advance Group’s division dedicated to IT moves, and its services include the vital component of data relocation.

IT and data relocation strategies involve timing, mapping, handling, transportation, specialized storage and back up as well as reconnection, troubleshooting, and unique decommissioning practices. Precision in the management of a well-articulated data relocation plan by a professional team is essential to relocation success.

The Advance Group’s Advance Technology team of project managers and technologists work closely with clients to develop strategies in key areas including:

Full Data System Documentation
Project Managers and Technologists scientifically document, diagram, and map existing systems and interconnections.

Off-line Scheduling and Planning
Project Managers and Technologists coordinate with clients to determine data migration, best schedule times for shut-off and disconnection, moving logistics and storage needs as well as reconnection scheduling.

Data Transport and Handling Specifications
Highly customized transport planning, packing, and moving including de-racking and re-racking, populated rack moves; secure, private, climate and air-controlled transport, inventory generation and manifest audits.

Relocation and Reconnection
Project Managers and Technologists oversee relocation, re-racking and reconnection of servers and IT Technology including trouble shooting any connectivity.

Decommissioning your Technology
Technology that has reached its end of life is often stored away until the space is needed or relocation happens. Disposal is subject to government regulations and protection of any data that remains on your end-of-life equipment is of the utmost importance to The Advance Group.

The Advance Group Advance Technology division specializes in the moving and setting up of data centers, audio-visual technologies, cabling and IT equipment. From design and installation services, to relocation and set-up, we are a professional service of The Advance Group dedicated specifically to the technological end of business.

The Advance Group, the the nation’s largest end-to-end commercial moving and relocation businesses, moving businesses into their future.

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