data center migration

A data center migration is the movement of a data center from one location to another with the goal of preserving the data. Sometimes the physical movement of equipment is involved, but not necessarily.

What are data center migration steps?

The data center usually houses the entire business’ information. Moving it requires planning to ensure the least amount of disruption to your employees and customers while planning for  protection of the information.

Every step of the planning should account for risks taken. Before the move:

  1. Back-up data before moving anything.
  2. Make a record of all IT assets
  3. Perform a system check, evaluating every component of the setup
  4. Create a budget that includes migration, decommissioning, packing, moving, reassembly, and any new components needed for the new location
  5. Create a schedule that works around having essential networking in place
  6. Make recommendations based on equipment condition, business needs and new facility layout.

Data Center Migration Best Practices

Some data center moves are done to acquire more space, power, or security for the equipment. Others are performed to bring all the business’ assets to the new business location. The reason for the move will determine steps involved in the transition. The move may be done in stages with the wiring and cabling at the new location put in place before anything is transferred.

If the business has outgrown a server, the best solution is to move the data to new equipment so that new equipment can be integrated into the network and the necessary components put in place beforehand.

Since every employee will be affected, each should be aware when the server will be down, and timing of the transition should take the work schedule into account. Doing the bulk of the migration over the weekend is advisable to minimize staff disruptions.

Once equipment is installed at the new location, a system check will be performed to make sure everything works as it should. To protect your data and ensure equipment continues to perform optimally, you should have someone on your staff, or an outside service continually monitor its performance and service it when needed to avoid breakages.

Data Center Migration Services We Offer

We will send a dedicated project manager to evaluate your equipment, list all assets and assess the condition of current hardware. We will then provide you with an estimate designed to fit your budget and schedule.

Our goal is to ensure your data is protected and safely installed in a fully functional, optimized server setup at your new location with the least amount of disruption and downtime possible.

Data center migration is a daunting task best left to professionals. Do not risk your valuable business asset being damaged or lost by trying to move them yourself.