copier carrierWhen you relocate your office, if you were planning to do any part of the moving yourself, you may be surprised to learn your copier lease requires you use copier carriers who are trained to transport your equipment safely. Copiers are high ticket items and most office copy machines are leased out to businesses.

Years ago, the most sophisticated copy machines simply created copies of documents. Over time, haves become multitasking machines that print and save documents of all types by communicating through a network. They are tied to the business server and is are integral parts of everyday operations in the office. They are no longer machines that operate by plugging into a wall outlet; they must work with designated IP addresses and operate through telecom equipment.

Advanced Technology Services can help you two different ways:

  • If you are moving leased copy equipment from your current business location to a new destination, our staff is trained to safely transport and reassemble your equipment, then set it up again to communicate with your new business network (or existing telecom equipment) at the new location.
  • If you are replacing or updating to new copier equipment, your Advance Technology Service project manager can assess your printing needs and align them with your budget for the best prices and service offered by our strategic partners.

We will explain the pros and cons of black and white units, color, wide format, plotters, and 3-D printing to help you decide which fits your business’s needs.

Why you need a trusted copier moving company

Many small businesses opt to move their own office furniture and equipment to save money; however, copiers are heavy pieces of equipment that can easily be damaged during transport. You also risk injuring yourself when trying to lift the equipment upstairs or on to a truck. When we act as your copier carrier, we carefully wrap the entire machine and take every precaution to avoid damage caused by moving. Many local moving companies do not take the proper safety precautions risking damage or loss with no insurance coverage to compensate you in the event of a loss. If something happens in transit, you may find your copier service company unwilling to do the repair work. As your copier moving company, we are adept at safely packing and transporting these expensive and delicate machines.

Whether you need a copier carrier or want to integrate modern copy equipment into your business network at your new business location, Advance Technology Service can provide a smooth transition and service that suits your needs.