brace for a computer hack

Brace for a Hack

The notion that you need to protect your data from a cyber-attack is nothing new. We always recommend you take precautions company-wide to avoid phishing attacks, install virus protection and use secure passwords, etc. But lately we are hearing whispers of state sponsored attacks looming, the kind that qualify as digital warfare. These could manifest as power outages, loss of vital services, and even destruction of infrastructure.

With tensions rising between China and the U.S. and Russian and the U.S., should we be surprised if the first act of war were to be theft or destruction of data? Today, with everything available online, a big cyber security attack can potentially cripple a country, if not wipe out their banking systems and essential services, such as gas pipelines.

If everything were to go offline for a prolonged period, would your business be able to function? That is something you really need to think about and be prepared to handle. For starters, making frequent backups of your data is essential. Keeping data in the cloud as a backup is commonplace, however, imagine you had no way to access it. You really need a local backup in the event major services, such as Amazonaws, went down, as we recently experienced several times in a week.

If your office works exclusively with cloud-based solutions, saving backups to desktops and hard drives as well as having alternative solutions will help to bridge the gap while services are down. While not practical, having paper copies of important paperwork come in handy when all else fails.

The idea is to maintain business continuity to the best of your ability so that if the unexpected occurs, you don’t suffer loss of income or worse waiting for services to come back online.

When internet service goes down, you can check online websites for outage reports to see where problems occur, reports on downtime and contact information for the providers.

We have become so reliant on internet availability; it is hard to imagine getting through the day without it but having a plan in place for the worst-case scenario will alleviate panic and the loss of important information if something happens. No matter the state of political affairs in the world, we still have mother nature to contend with at times. To ensure business stability, it is always wise to put measures in place long before they are necessary. Losing data because you were not prepared is a difficult lesson to learn and can be quite costly to your business.