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Ransomware Resources

Recent cyber attacks have shed light on the vulnerability of widely used systems we’d expect would have greater security. Having witnessed how the pipeline attack crippled delivery of oil and gas throughout the northeastern region of the United States, many businesses have taken note how crippling an attack can be and the great cost that […]

Protecting Your Files from Increasing Cyber Security Attacks

Many of us along the eastern coast were impacted for a few days by the rippling effect of the cyber security attack on the Colonial Pipeline. The hack, intended to bring millions in ransom money, shut down the gas lines, causing fuel shortages, gas station closures and long lines at the pumps. Travelers were in […]

New York City Moving Trends

Over the course of the past year, more residents and businesses have relocated from New York City than any other city in the United States. During the pandemic, close quarters and the spike in positive cases and fatalities terrified New Yorkers. Many were forced to work remotely and realized there was no point staying in […]

Why Turn to a Server Moving Company?

Moving an office full of IT equipment can be a daunting task for any business. Due to the complexities of the wiring and the importance of maintaining the integrity of equipment of data, this is a job delegated to trained professionals. Equipment and/or data loss can result in loss of customers, business income and, at […]

Top 17 E-Waste Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about e-waste and their answers: Why is it important to care about e waste? Our primary concern with e waste is protecting the environment. Why is e waste bad for the environment? The parts that go into making certain devices contain poisonous chemicals. When these e waste devices […]

The Importance Of Properly Recycling E-Waste

There comes a time where every piece of technology becomes obsolete. And with today’s rapid technological advancements, the lifetime of electronic devices can seem fairly short. So, when it comes time to replace old computer towers, monitors or printers cluttering your office, what should you do? Disposing of outdated technology isn’t as simple as throwing […]

Trading Floor Relocation

Downtime for any company’s trading floor results in money lost. A successful trading floor relocation is completely dependent on the organization and thorough management of all servers, routers, switches and networks by the organization responsible for moving this equipment. Doing so quickly and efficiently is essential to ensuring timely execution of all transactions. Many banks […]

Data Center Relocation Checklist

Moving your data center operation to a new location or to the cloud is a complicated process. There are many factors to consider, and varying implications associated with relocating your application software, infrastructure software and hardware. In addition to the physical movement, data transfer is as crucial in order to not disturb business operations. It’ […]

Data Center Movers

The most challenging part of any office relocation is the transferal of data center equipment. Handling large volumes of hardware and wires is a task best left to professional data center movers. At Advance Technology Services, our specialty is the relocation and installation of all types of data center hardware. Our goal is to provide […]

The Keys to Successful Datacenter Relocation

Moving can be one of the most anxiety- and stress-filled practices human beings can experience. When that relocation involves moving a corporate office, the stakes can be even higher. While it may not involve personal items, the pieces are often complex, expensive and may come with significant security risk. Relocating a company’s datacenter, for example, […]