Audio Video Installation    

Moving Into the Future Means Advance Technology

As today’s evolving world continues to reinvent how we communicate, work, experience and interact with a business, the integration of rich audio-visual technology in your commercial space is becoming an essential differentiator in the market. From superior communications to customer experience, even motivating and retaining employees, today’s modern office is more than the furniture and the paint on the walls.

“At The Advance Group, one of the nation’s largest end-to-end commercial moving and relocation businesses, we specialize in moving our customers into their future,” says President Anthony Parziale.

“Many times, part of commercial relocation includes the addition of cabling, new technology, and new equipment. Advance Technology was created to meet IT demands. Its services include expert planning and installation of high-performance audio-visual systems as part of forwarding that business’ technology at the onset of a move.”

Whether moving or modernizing a current business, an audio-visual upgrade with Advance Technology starts with our commercial client’s goals. Project managers anticipate a business’ needs, analyze their space, and accommodate the budget to provide the optimal, customized plan that utilizes the highest quality solutions available.

Plans are achieved by the vast Advance Group network of top commercial audio-visual professionals across the country and are installed by dedicated local teams for fast, seamless set up that is locally managed and serviced. The Advance Group’s wide network of specialists ensures project demands are met, no matter scope or scale, and project experience and capabilities are without bounds, ranging from auditoriums to conference rooms, boardrooms to lobbies.

Video Conferencing Technologies

Among the most popular services, particularly with business relocations and expansions, and the growing trend of the hybrid and remote office, are video conference technologies.

The Advance Group offers state-of-the-art video systems and use single source technology for conference communications that allow connection and file sharing from separate locations no matter how remote or how varied the individual devices accessing a conference or meeting might be.

High quality audio-visual in conference rooms with quick and easy setup, easy plug in, flexible features such as automatic speaker recognition, HD quality picture, and advanced capabilities for enhanced business presentations on-line or in person make certain every presentation is as polished as in the delivery as the preparation.

Audio Visual technology also aids in creating the desired internal environment for your business. How people, from your employees and partners to clients and customers, experience your business is a full sensory production in the modern business world and audio visual is part of that experience.

Sound Systems for Success

Installing a commercial sound system can help manage and minimize noise from outside influences or attached warehouses and complexes, optimizing the environment through noise control for the appropriate task. Additionally, a sound system can be used as part of your business brand or to motivate or enhance mood in the workplace, for example, certain music has been proven to energize work productivity, while other to calm the environment.

Installed for Aesthetics

Apart from the benefits of audio-visual technology, The Advance Group Advance Technology project managers create plans that offer clients ideal management, control, and aesthetics when it comes to audio-visual equipment. From choosing the right apparatus for the specifications of an area to disguising and hiding additional panels, controls, outlets, and hardware. Conveniences such as wireless remote access and automated controls, provide the mechanisms needed to administer the systems in an office or space.

Commercial business is moving and moving virtually. The Advance Group is your end-to-end commercial moving solution, creating a seamless, cost-effective, end-to-end solution for experienced management-level executives to connect businesses in motion. Advance Technology Service division helps keep your company virtually connected whether you are physically relocating, working with remote executives or partners, or presenting across the world wide web.

The Advance Group is one of America’s largest moving companies with affiliates in over 200 cities nationwide, and internationally in over 10 countries, servicing clients in industries including Hospital and Healthcare, Government, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering. The Advance Group is the single point of contact for a streamlined, successful, move into the future.

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