Access Security Systems
Manhattan, Queens New York

access security queens nyInstalling access security at your new office location prior to occupation is the best time to set up safety measures for your staff and office equipment. Advance Technology Service, together with our partners, will ensure your business has proper coverage to prevent unauthorized access and monitor the activity at your premises through keypads, visitor management systems, ID and more.

Access security systems have replaced receptionists and security guards as the first line of defense against unauthorized entry due to their cost-effectiveness, reliability, and data retention.

Today’s technology allows business owners the option of remote access from any internet connected device to monitor office activity or grant access to personnel. Both wired and wireless equipment option availability provide the level of control and flexibility demanded by tech savvy thieves.

Access Control Types:

ID Cards: Each employee is provided his or her own security card which provides entrance upon swiping in front of a card reader. The card is easily attached to a key ring or string for quick accessibility. The individual’s image can be shown on one side of the radio responder card. If an ID card is misplaced or stolen or an employee leaves the job, the ID can be cancelled and replaced, a more affordable means of revoking access than physically changing the lock.

Biometric Systems:

Biometric systems provide additional security by identifying an individual by fingerprints. ID cards can be lost or stolen, but a person’s fingerprints are unique and secure. These systems also work by entering a code into a keypad.

Receive an expert evaluation of recommendations to properly protect your office space based on layout, square footage, visibility, exits, and budget. Advance Technology Service will work with your team to ensure complete coverage of vulnerable areas and provide an easy-to-use employee access system.

Either method will provide time stamps and information about every individual entry and departure throughout the facility. Managers and owners can monitor office activity remotely and receive notifications of movement or unauthorized access. The ability to alert the authorities safely from a distance provides an added layer of security and the advantage of being able to react quickly to any unexpected circumstances.

If you want your staff to feel safer in NYC, Queens, or Long Island, monitoring entry to your office space with access control can provide that security around the clock. Whether you need access security NYC or access security Queens, NY, Advance Technology Service has the ideal solution for your business.

Learn more about our access security options for Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, and surrounding NY areas. Give us a call today.